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I have lived and breathed the joy and adventure of real estate for 28 years wearing many hats in the industry along the way. I have worked at the corporate level, sales administration level, as an investor, and finally my happiest real estate role yet, as a sales agent. I’ve taken the skill sets I’ve learned through these various roles, and have built them into a business model that I standby, and that benefits every client and the business relationships I’ve fostered over the years. In the last 11 years my role as a sales agent has been incredibly rewarding in more ways than one. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with people, and love the opportunity to help individuals and families successfully navigate through the real estate process, and achieve their real estate goals. Always goal and results oriented, I look at the big picture as well as the fine details in giving the highest level of service to my clients without compromise.

The big city of Los Angeles feels in many ways like a small town to me having lived here all of my adult life. Whether you are selling, or purchasing a home, in Hancock Park, or by the beach, or somewhere in between it’s all a hop skip and a jump to me from one area to the next. Each neighborhood naturally has it’s own nuance and flavor, it’s own “micro market” which makes each area unique, interesting, and as a sales agent representing these areas very exciting. Acquiring real estate remains the ultimate investment and most rewarding in achieving financial security and freedom.

It would be my pleasure to help you every step of the way in making your real estate goals a reality.

Please click the following link for a quick snapshot of some of my most meaningful accolades… the heartfelt testimonials I receive from my clients.